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Cluckingham Palace!

This was the name our client gave this beautiful Hens House!

We were called to action to build a home, not a house and that's what we did. Built in Cryptomeria japonica we assured it is relatively light for easy relocation in case of need and at the same time excellent outdoors behavior to the weather and plagues!

The details gave this home a beautiful look. Strong and durable steel hinges and handles painted in black to contrast with the white color.

Front door for your "pets" to enter and exit, back door to have access to eggs nest, and for cleaning purposes. The full House is made in separate elements for portability and flexibility to increase area.

It's impossible that your hens won't love it!

Do you want to see your ideas turned into reality but do not know a woodworker in the Algarve/Portugal? Look no further, go ahead and ask us for a quote, we will be thrilled to be of assistance.


Length: (house+run) 1200+1500mm

Width: 1000mm

Height: 1600mm


Material: Wood

Style: Natural

Type: Hens House

Recommended: up to 5 chicken


Unavailable for immediate shipping!Ask info for production time!


ask quote

*Shipping cost not included in the price!
*CTT or Courier shipping within Portugal!
*Delivered by Hand available in the Algarve!
*VAT Included!

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