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The Chopper

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During a day working on a table project, we looked to the side, saw an X-like element sitting against the wall, then, our brain just connected the dots. Sat on on side of the X and thought, what if there would be a table top on the other side of this X?

Here's the result. We call it The Chopper due to the resemblance with a chopper bike. Can be used as a desk in an office, for your kids to study, or perhaps as a cafe or restaurant table/seat system.

Do you want to see your ideas turned into reality but do not know a woodworker in the Algarve/Portugal? Look no further, go ahead and ask us for a quote, we will be thrilled to be of assistance.


Length: 400+400mm

Width: 780mm

Height: 800mm


Material: Wood

Style: Natural

Type: Table/Seat, Desk

Recommended: Office, Kids room, restaurant, caffee


Available for immediate shipping!



*Shipping cost not included in the price!
*CTT or Courier shipping within Portugal!
*Delivered by Hand available in the Algarve!
*VAT Included!

Category: Desks